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Ultimate Guide to Northwest Arkansas Coffee Shops

NWA Daily's Guide On Where To Stay Caffeinated in Northwest Arkansas

How big of a coffee person are you? Do you like it all dolled up, or are you a specialty coffee connoisseur? There are so many great places to get coffee around NWA, so we've compiled a list of coffee shops for you to explore and try out for yourself! Are you looking for a new place to sit and read a book? A place to work remotely? Or a coffee shop to gather with your friends and make some memories? There's a place for you, so go explore!

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Photo courtesy of Airship

Airship has four locations in Bentonville β€” Airship at Fifth St, Airship at Coler, Airship at the Ledger, and Airship at the Pumphouse. Both sell food and have alcohol on tap in addition to the specialty coffee available that hits the spot every time. The Coler location is only accessible by trail, so get your bike or walking shoes. The signature drinks are the Honey Bliss latte and the Lumber Jack.

The two Onyx locations in Bentonville are both unique in design and are worth stopping by just to experience the atmosphere. Expect to see plenty of people at the downtown location as it is the most popular. However, the second location in the Momentary Museum is arguably the coolest one as a conveyor belt brings you your coffee... πŸ‘€

πŸ“124 SW 8th St

Photo courtesy of Heroes

Heroes is known for its cool double-decker seating. The stacked tables throw it back to the treehouse days -- at least it does for us. It's a great place to get work done or just hang out with friends and enjoy classic coffee and pastries. The signature latte is the "Hero."

Photo courtesy of Kennedy Coffee Roasters

Kennedy is a quirky little place with artsy tables and a big comfy couch situated in the corner overseeing the whole shop. They make fresh donuts every morning, which we recommend indulging in as you sip on your coffee. The shop has a drive-through in the back in case you need a quick one to go.

Third Space Coffee is the first-of-its-kind, completely vegan coffee shop connected to the Best Friends Pet Resource Center in Bentonville. So that easily makes this the most pet-friendly coffee shop in Northwest Arkansas. Stop by for a drink and stay awhile. You might even get to pet a few puppers or kittens while you’re there.

The Meteor is so much more than a coffee shop, but it has all the coffee shop vibes we love. Go for coffee, wine, or dinner. It's got it all. Caution as you approach because this is a popular cycling spot in town - if you really want to feel like a local try riding your bike to the location as a fun adventure.

πŸ“405 S Main St

Photo courtesy of 211 Cafe

211 cafe is inside the Bentonville Public Library with a round space brightly lit with natural light through the windows and skylight. There is plenty of outdoor seating for when it's a nice day. The baristas are always coming up with new drinks, and they're always great. You can catch 211 at the Bentonville Farmers Market too!

Located off HWY 102 between Bentonville & Centerton, Wings Coffee Co. is a unique drive-thru stand offering a variety of specialty coffees, chai, smoothies, and energy drinks that customers can infuse with their favorite flavors. They also have a great patio for good weather days β€” perfect for β€œgiving your day a lift.”


Photo courtesy of Onyx

The OG - Onyx's Fayetteville location is where it all started. It is a great, quick spot for a cup of quality coffee and a reflection back at Onyx's humble beginning. Zero frills and strictly good coffee.

Puritan is your classic modern coffee shop with plenty of space to sit and work or play games with friends. It is in a perfect location on the top of Dickson Street with a great selection of beers and ciders too. They have a legendary trivia night!

Photo courtesy of Red Kite

A super cozy coffee shop that sells exclusively Onyx coffee. A great place to study or just hang out on the east side of town. Rumor is their expanding to Benton County soon, so keep an eye out as Red Kite plans to make some moves!

πŸ“3775 Mall Ave

Photo courtesy of Old Pine

Located on a spur of the Razorback Greenway, Old Pine is a cozy spot and traditionally quieter as it’s a bit further from campus. On a beautiful morning, their outdoor patio is the place to be. They also have one of our favorite cinnamon rolls in Northwest Arkansas.

With four locations in Fayetteville, each Arsaga's location is a different experience. Take your friends to the Mill District and have a fancy breakfast or brunch with your coffee in an artsy cafe. Church & Center is calm and comfy, and of course, Carsaga's is perfect for a quick one-to-go. The fourth location just reopened and can be found in the Fayetteville Public Library.

Photo courtesy of Basecamp

Basecamp is a spacious place off College Ave with plenty of places to sit to work or catch up with a friend. They have the classic toast and pastry options too.

Photo courtesy of Doomsday

Located off West Street near downtown Fayetteville, Doomsday Coffee is owned and operated by veterans with REALLY tasty breakfast and lunch tacos. They're open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch and are often overlooked but shouldn't be.

Photo courtesy of the Inn at Carnall Hall

Located within the historic Inn at Carnall Hall, Lambeth Lounge offers a charming and laid-back southern atmosphere with its open-air, wraparound porch overlooking Old Main Lawn. Perfect for a relaxing cup of coffee and pastry!

πŸ“2626 E Citizens Dr 

Photo courtesy of Locals Drive Thru Coffee

Locals Drive Thru Coffee serves locally roasted specialty coffee with speed and convenience. Locals has a mission to treat everyone in such a way that they "leave better." You can get any quality coffee and specialty drink, just a little faster, and know you're contributing to a hyper local business. When you go, try the cinnamon toast crunch latte!

If caffeine sends you crawling up the walls, there is literally no better place to grab a cup of coffee than Boulders & Brews. You don’t need a gym membership to enjoy this coffee spot, but you may not be able to resist the fun when you come in the door. They also sell day passes if you want to try out the walls.

Notorious for their simple syrups, bitters, and shrubs, Pink House Alchemy has a cozy little coffee shop where you can explore their renowned flavors. They’ve always got a fantastic lineup of delicious parties, too!


The Onyx in Rogers is the headquarters of all Onyx coffee. Go experience the famous hospitality of the space and baristas trained by the 2020 US Barista Champion. See how the magic happens right in the heart of downtown Rogers.

Heroes in Rogers has the double-decker tables we know and love but in a brighter and more spacious environment than the first location. The signature lattes are the "Hero," which is dark chocolate and toffee nut, and the honey-salted caramel latte.

πŸ“220 S 1st St

Iron Horse is a hidden gem, often outshined by Onyx down the street. If you're looking for a cozy spot for just coffee or a good bite to eat as well, Iron Horse is a great option. Their sandwiches are top-notch. Try the Newman. There is an upstairs loft area with brilliant books from floor to ceiling as a perfect distraction from whatever it is you might be working on.

πŸ“718 N 2nd St

Java Dudes is plenty spacious and well-lit from the garage door windows. It has your classic coffees as well as plenty of options for you non-coffee drinkers out there, like lemonade, Kombucha, and Italian Soda. Its signature latte is "The Dude," a white chocolate hazelnut drink. For those of you 21+, there is a wine and beer selection as well.

Photo courtesy of Confident Coffee

A sister location to their flagship shop in Johnson, this woman-owned shop roasts its own coffee, and the baristas can tell you all about every cup you drink. Their new selection of pastries is made fresh in-house every day. This Rogers location also doubles as a wine bar in the evenings.


Photo courtesy of Red Kite Springdale

Red Kite sells exclusively Onyx coffee, so you are bound to get a good cup of something. There is a nice conference space, smaller half-booth tables, and a long couch if you're looking for a "Friends" environment.

Photo courtesy of Trailside Coffee Company

Located directly on the Razorback Greenway in downtown Springdale, Trailside Coffee is the perfect way to meet people on the trail! The shop serves Mountain Bird coffee with an assortment of snacks and baked goods. The outdoor seating area is surrounded by greenery, fitting the vibe perfectly.


πŸ“2015 Main Dr

Confident Coffee Roasters is one of the first coffee shops on the up-and-coming strip in Johnston. The woman-owned shop roasts its own coffee, and the baristas can tell you all about every cup you drink. Their new selection of pastries is made fresh in-house every day.

Hail Fellow Well Met Cafe is another one of Onyx's lovely creations. You can get the specialty coffee you know and love in a whole new environment with more to experience. This location is unique with its full menu of carefully crafted items, all made fresh and in-house. There is a market with dairy products, some fresh produce, wines, and more.

Siloam Springs

πŸ“516 E Main St

Photo courtesy of Pour Jon’s

Pour Jon’s is a hip place to be right on Main St in Siloam Springs. The coffee is hand-crafted and brewed by all the best methods. And if you need a breakfast spot or you plan on staying a while, there is a menu full of delicious breakfast and lunch options that will satisfy. If you're lucky, you might pop in on a performance on the stage inside.

Photo courtesy of Cafe on Broadway

Cafe on Broadway is a coffee shop, cafe, and bar, making it a perfect stop any time of day! Though it gets pretty busy around lunch time, it's still a good spot to hang out, do work, or do school. If you're looking for a pastry with your coffee, this would be the place, as there is a fully service bakery making fresh goods every day.

πŸ“120 US-412

Photo courtesy of Doomsday

Doomsday in Siloam Springs is located right off the highway and hard to miss. If you're looking to sit down for a nice cup of coffee and tasty lunch, you can find it here. It has a good menu too, so check it out.

All Over

πŸ“View all 12 locations HERE

Photo courtesy of 7 Brew

7 Brew is an NWA original that opened in 2017 and has thrived ever since. With 12 locations in the region, it is a quick and easy coffee run whenever you're on the go. For those of you who like fancy coffees, sodas, or teas, you'll surely find something on 7 Brew's menu.