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Six Scenic Drives For Viewing Arkansas's Best Fall Foliage

A few of our favorite places to witness fall in the Ozarks!

The Ozarks is renowned for being a top North American destination to experience the colors of fall. The rolling mountains and dense forests make for a brightly colored landscape to explore and enjoy. We’ve put together a list of our top five scenic drives around Northwest Arkansas to witness some of the best fall colors the Natural State has to offer.

So roll down the windows and go for a drive!

The Pig Trail Scenic Byway

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Named one of the best rides in America by USA Today, the Pig Trail Scenic Byway runs through the rugged and beautiful Boston Mountains for 24 miles between Combs and Ozark. One of Arkansas’s most iconic drives, this stretch of old highway is even more stunning while under a canopy of fall colors. Enjoy several overlooks and waterfalls along the drive. If you get out that way via AR-16 through Elkins, make a lunch stop for the legendary Hoosh Burger at the Pig Trail Bypass Country Cafe.

AR-43 through Boxley Valley

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One of the most beautiful places in the whole of the Natural State, the drive through Boxley Valley on the way to Ponca is magical this time of year. Stop by the AGFC Ponca Nature Center to learn more about the local elk herd, or grab a snack at the Buffalo Outdoor Center, where you can also book lodging or adventures in the area. Roark Bluff at Steel Creek Campground (pictured above) is also a must-see if you’re in the area.

AR-7 Past The Arkansas Grand Canyon

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Known as the Arkansas Grand Canyon, this outlook gives drivers along AR-7 a stunning few of the Buffalo River winding its way through the expansive wooded valley below.

AR-170 to Devil’s Den

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Most folks get to Devil’s Den State Park by taking I-49 South all the way to exit 45 near Winslow. And don’t get us wrong, there are some awesome views along the Interstate that way (you may even see a train along the AM Railroad as you pass over the high-rise bridges). However, if you’re looking for a longer, scenic route where you can drop the windows down, take exit 53 from I-49 S, then follow AR-170 south to the state park.

US-71 to Artist Point

The entirety of the Pig Trail Located about 6 miles north of Mountainburg, Artist Point provides a beautiful view of the Boston Mountains. An iconic destination for artists and photographers, the overlook has a coin-operated telescope for a closer look at White Rock Mountain in the distance or Frog Bayou/Lake Fort Smith in the valley below. Be sure to stop by the museum and gift shop on the way!

AR-12 to War Eagle Mill

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War Eagle Mill looks stunning when surrounded by the red, orange, and brown hues of fall foliage. Plan your drive through Downtown Rogers and take AR-12 for some great views of Beaver Lake as you cross Prairie Creek Bridge, then soak in the colors as you wind down the highway through Hobbs State Park.

🍁 Enjoy these autumn colors before the leaves fall! 🍂

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